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Onsite FEES Training

Onsite FEES training courses are offered by SA Swallowing Services upon request.  Courses available for onsite presentation are the Basic (two-day, 15 hours), the Advanced (two-day, 15 hours), or the  Basic+ course (two & one-half days, 19 hours).  Onsite FEES Training allows staff SLPs working in the same facility or organization to train together.  This insures everyone performs FEES in essentially the same format which allows for test-retest reliability and comparisons across the same patient, among patients, and across staff SLPs.  Onsite training also reduces travel and lodging expenses for all clinicians, and may reduce the costs of the course to the individual and/or facility.  If FEES equipment has been purchased by the site facility, its use in the course for practice by the staff clinicians improves familiarity and operation of that equipment.

The goal of the Basic FEES course is for every participant to learn and to practice passing the nasoendoscope successfully 10 to 15 times on live subjects, and to have a working understanding of analysis and interpretation.  This course is for clinicians with little to no experience with swallowing assessment using endoscopy. Practice laboratories with supervised, hands-on sessions and teach proper and safe insertion and manipulation of the nasoendoscope, the FEES assessment protocol, and the best FEES procedure for viewing each swallow trial.  Mentored, computer-based laboratories teach observation, scoring, and analysis skills.  Lectures, among others, include equipment basics, infection control, scope handling, abnormal swallowing behaviors using FEES, and medical issues.

The goal of the Advanced FEES course is to provide FEES-experienced Speech-Language Pathologists with an in-depth, clinically-useful understanding of FEES scoring, analysis, interpretation, decision-making, and report writing.  Short lectures provide guiding information for each of five challenging exercises designed to improve analysis skills and to culminate in a concise, accurate, information, and clinically-useful report.  Each participant works at his or her own pace using computer-based video clips of challenging FEES studies selected to challenge even the most experienced clinician.

The Basic+ FEES course has the same goals as the other two courses, except it is covered in two and one half days.  Most of the same information covered in both the basic and advanced courses is presented along with the training laboratories.  This course is most often requested by facilities with clinicians with varied FEES experience levels.

As a general metric, a minimum of 10 participants is required for onsite courses with a maximum of 20.  For more information, contact John Ashford, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Education Director, at, at 615.426.5505 or

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