Reviews of Training Courses


Reviews of Training Courses

“Practicing on our own was very helpful, reviewing together, reviewing lectures & asking questions. This was a fantastic course! It expected high level of participation and advanced skill which pushed my own thought processes.  I can also take this and apply it tomorrow in clinic.  Thank you for putting such a fabulous course together.” Advanced June 2022

“The manual is excellent & hands-on scoping was awesome!  This course was fabulous, and the instructors presented everything in a very clear, concise way. Everyone made me feel very comfortable with asking questions.” Basic 2 May 2022

“Hands-on training with instructors initially and then transitioning to scoping peers with guidance decreasing gradually.  Patience of instructors! :)” Basic 1 May 2022

“This class was awesome! I loved the hands-on! You guys made the scoping better/comfortable/less nerve-wracking. Really appreciated scoping ya’ll on the first day and classmates on the second day.  Thanks for the knowledge :)” Basic April 2022 (Canada)

“Hands-on, hierarchical training with scope passes was very well planned and implemented. Feedback was useful & concise. LOVED Matt’s lecture on EBP & exercise physiology.” Basic April 2022

“I loved this course. I cannot wait to bring what I’ve learned back to my team to improve our practice and pt care, and hopefully implement more consistency and protocols. We enjoyed the format and sense of humor integrated into the course. It’s been great to learn from such passionate, informed and evidence-based SLPs!” Advanced March 2022

“My boss took this class + your Advanced FEES class and could not wait to send me to it. The content was excellent and I found the thoroughness with which you all have clearly out into every detail very refreshing.” Basic 2 February 2022

“This course was fascinating, incredibly well prepared, and fun. The information you presented was both very educational and challenged some of the ways I see swallow and dysphagia treatment. I am very happy I was here!” Basic 1 February 2022

“I feel so much more confident now. I really enjoyed learning. I was very impressed with EBP discussion throughout the lectures. I am very thankful to have a standardized protocol to follow to assess and score. Such a wonderful course!” Basic January 2022

“I would definitely recommend this course to all SLPs – especially those who practice in nursing homes to better understand the importance of instrumentals and utilizing EBP therapy.” Basic April 2021

“This has been, by far, the best course I have ever taken.  The instructors were so real & practical based with the information of the highest quality.”  Basic April 2021

“I really appreciated the variety of instructors & the individualized attention in order to learn FEES.  Thank you!” Basic March 2021

“I loved this whole experience! Not only were we taught how to be comfortable scoping, but they also taught us how to interpret them.  We learned the importance of standardization & protocols, and overall how to be better SLPs.  I wish everyone could take this course.  Everyone was kind & amazing.  I am so grateful.”  Basic March 2021

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and got more out of it than expected.  As a clinician who has only scoped “normals” and was very intimidated by report writing, I can say that this course thoroughly and methodically explained what to look for, how to analyze, and how to write what is important.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even the most seasoned FEES scopers!!  Thank you :)”  Advanced February 2021

“LOVED this course! Matt & Michelle are excellent instructors and I loved the hands-on activities!  I especially loved the biomechanics portion–brought me back to grad school and was an excellent refresher! Will shout praises for SASS to all my colleagues!”  Advanced February 2021

“Great course.  You provided a wonderful learning environment that made something that could be intimidating fun.  Thank you!”  Basic January 2021

“Amazing detailed instructions & education. Pre-hands on scoping lab.  I felt like I already knew how before even doing it :)”  Basic January 2021

“I would have liked more labs analyzing the full video and rating scale. I don’t feel like there was enough practice using the protocol and scoring the swallows.” Basic November 2020

“Great course! Loved the short modules & overall teaching method.  Incredibly informative & efficient for the amount of material covered.”  Basic November 2020

“This was a phenomenal course! I am so glad it was not canceled d/t COVID.  Can’t wait to implement this information.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  Advanced October 2020

“Wonderful class! Learned new protocols for administration and scoring.”  Advanced October 2020

“Very informative-great structure alternating lectures & lab work. Well paced. Functional & applicable information that we will actually use.  All instructors were knowledgeable & very patient.  Option of dummy heads could helpful for additional motor learning practice.”  Basic September 2020

“Wow!  Thank you!” Basic September 2020

“You all are amazing teachers & SLPs! I learned so much. This course exceeded my expectations beyond measure.  I’m grateful for the time you spent with us and for sharing your knowledge & experiences with us. Thank you.”  Basic July 2020

“Thank you! I appreciate how evidence/science-based this course was! (as it should be!)”  Basic July 2020

“Thank you so much for hosting this class.  The COVID procedures made me feel comfortable & I appreciate the extra effort.  I have learned so much from you.” Basic July 2020

“You all do an amazing job. Do not change a thing.” Basic June 2020

“I enjoyed the course. The material was very informative. I can’t wait to come back for the advanced course to improve my skills & knowledge.”  Basic June 2020