Portable Endoscope Disinfectant System (PEDS)

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A high-level disinfectant cleaning system for nasoendoscopes.  Designed for use by Speech-Language-Swallowing Pathologists providing mobile transnasal endoscopic evaluations of swallowing (FEES).

Available for Systems:

ATMOS, Optim, and Patcom. May be able to accommodate others brands.

Two-Tube System:

Disinfectant Tube with removable cap and attachable endoscope holder                                                                                 –Clean Holding Tube with permanent endoscope holder attached for holding after cleaning and for air drying

Disinfectant Tube:
  • 15″ clear,  Schedule 40 medical grade PVC.
  • Volume 16 ounces.
  • Screw-on top for safe transport and sealing.
  • Screw-on endoscope holder (Picture shows ATMOS Medical Endoscope Model. Holders for other endoscope models are available.)
  • Rubber gasket in Endoscope holder prevents high-level disinfectant vapor escape while submerged and cleaning.
  • Tight lid cover seals container when not in use preventing vapor escape.
  • Includes thermometer for monitoring temperature of disinfecting solution.
Clean Holding Tube:
  • 15″ clear, Schedule 40 medical grade PVC.
  • Allows hanging of Endoscope for air drying and protection.
  • Fixed Endoscope (Picture shows ATMOS Medical Endoscope Model. Holders for other endoscope models are available.)
  • Rubber gasket in holder prevents damage to Endoscope body while drying.
  • Air holes in tube housing allows manufacturer-recommended air circulation for drying.
  • Tight lid cover sealing holder when not in use.
Assembles quickly and easily
Durable and easy to carry in a backpack to Destinations
Safe for use with all Disinfectant Solutions
Cart Holder for Tubes option

Holder (see picture above) permanently attaches to the end of the cart.  Length is made to 14″ but the length may be customized, either longer or short.  No additional cost.


Three-year guarantee for all parts. Free replacement.


$250.00 for complete kit: 2 disinfectant tubes with thermometers and caps, 1 detachable scope holder attachment with cap for disinfectant tubes, 1 clean holding and drying tube with cap, and block holder to attach to cart.

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