FEES Credentialing

Types of Credentials:

  1. Higher Education Diploma(s)
  2. Professional Certification, for example, Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC). Provided by a national professional organization that has set criteria to be accomplished before the individual is recognized as a certified practitioner.
  3. State Licensure: Required by the individual state licensure boards-education or health. Licensure is required to practice Speech Pathology in any state and is the governing authority over the SLP’s professional practice.
  4. Specialty Certification: A certificate is awarded “certifying” training for the specialty area that has been satisfactorily completed, and usually for a specified number of hours and continuing education credits.  It usually is signed by the training providers. This specialty credential is not a certificate of attendance, is not a renewable credential, and is not sanctioned or governed by any certifying organization, such as ASHA, DRS, or state authority.  Proof of specialty training credentialing may be required by some state licensing boards or by employers. Some state licensing boards require proof of formal training in addition to proof of supervised endoscopy training before approving an SLP to perform endoscopy, flexible or rigid. FEES and MBSimp are considered specialty training.