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Endoscopy Laws and Regulations for Your State

Need information about your state’s endoscopy laws and regulations and FEES? ASHA has information on state regulations and endoscopy at the following website.


Tennessee Speech-Language Pathology Endoscopy Law (effective June 1, 2007)

***Tennessee Endoscopy law for Speech-Language Pathologists is one of the most defining in the US.  Rules and laws governing SLPs’ use of endoscopy to perform swallowing assessments (FEES), or voice assessments (videostroboscopy) vary state to state.  Review your state law and board rulings online, contact your state health board governing SLPs, or your state association for more information.***

Section 1, subdivision (B) of the Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 63-17-103(5) pertains to privileges and conditions allowing speech language pathologists to use rigid and flexible endoscopes.

“A speech language pathologist who uses an endoscope shall meet all of the following conditions:

  • ♦ A speech language pathologist shall not perform a procedure utilizing an endoscope unless the patient has been referred to the speech language pathologist by an otolaryngologist or other qualified physician for the performance of such procedure.
  • ♦ A speech language pathologist must obtain written verification from a board certified otolaryngologist that the speech language pathologist is competent in the proper and safe use of an endoscope.
  • ♦ A speech language pathologist shall perform only non-operative procedures with an endoscope.
  • ♦ In every setting in which a speech language pathologist performs a procedure using an endoscope, there must be protocols in place for emergency medical backup.
  • ♦ In all cases the speech language pathologist shall send to the referring physician in a timely manner a report and visual recording of each endoscopic procedure performed upon referral of that physician.”

Speech-Language Pathology Endoscopy Registration in Tennessee 

On November 6, 2012, the Board of Communication Sciences and Disorders approved the registration of licensed Speech-Language Pathologists performing endoscopy (flexible or rigid) in the State of Tennessee. The Board requires Speech-Language Pathologists performing endoscopy to submit the necessary notarized endoscopy registration forms to the Board Administrator for approval and action. The endoscopy registration form for SLPs qualified to perform endoscopy, but to not train other SLPs, can be found at  https://tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/healthprofboards/PH-4176.pdf.  The registration form for SLPs qualified to perform and train other SLPs and including authorization by a Board Certified Otolaryngologist can be found at https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/healthprofboards/PH-4186.pdf. All registration applications must be notarized to be valid. Once processed by the Board Administrator, a qualifying endorsement will be added to the applying SLP’s license. If you have any questions, contact the Board Administrator, at 615-253-6061.

See links below for more specific information pertaining to this statute:

TN Board of Health, Board of Communication Disorders and Sciences

PDF of Public Charter 0324

If you have questions, please contact SASS at info@sasspllc.com.

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