Basic FEES Course Overview

  1. Developed and designed to provide the fundamental education and training for SLPs without experience to use the nasoendoscope and the FEES assessment procedure to assess oropharyngeal swallowing functions.
  2. Sixteen (16) hours of seat-time instruction for 1.60 ASHA CEUs over two consecutive weekend days.
  3. Ten (10) lectures on anatomy through an endoscope, swallowing physiology, equipment needs, medical issues with FEES, infection control, endoscope mechanics and manipulation, FEES protocols and procedures, introduction to scoring, introduction to analyses, and FEES and evidence-based practice.
  4. Five (5) hours of hands-on, supervised endoscope insertion, manipulation, and FEES protocol administration using a graduated learning/practice regimen adding new skills with each step.
  5. Fifteen (15) successfully complete supervised endoscope exams on normal subjects and signed off by the course instructors.
  6. Five (5) hours of scoring and analysis lab with exercises to view FEES studies of actual patients and practice new scoring, analyses, and interpretation skills. Apple computers are provided for all participants.
  7. Three-ring binder with all lecture notes, pictures, and forms to keep.
  8. Two (2) light breakfasts and lunches on both days.
  9. One (1) instructor per 4-5 participants. Each instructor is a clinical FEES provider and has met all qualifications and is certified as a FEES instructor by the Tennessee State Board of Health.
  10. Any SLP (certified, CFY, or graduate student having completed a university dysphagia course) may register for training.
  11. Twenty (20) participant-maximum per course.
  12. All (2-5) instructors highly encourage any questions from participants.
  13. Tuition Fees of $550.00-Nashville courses; $600.00-On-site courses (2023)