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  • SASS Flash!

    - 2017 DYSPHAGIA IN OLDER ADULTS ASHA-Sponsored Online Conference Dr. Ashford will speak again at this conference and is among 10 other presenters. He is presenting a new lecture: Oral Hygiene in Older Adults: Complications, Assessment, and Care. Online access is May 8-15, 2017 & with live chats the week of May 8-12. Go to the ASHA website for more information and to register.

    - 2017 FEES COURSES!! Basic courses: July 15 & 16, 2017 & September 23 & 24, 2017. Advanced courses: May 20-21, 2017 & October 21 & 22, 2017. Online registration is now open.

    - NEW!! TRACH & VENT TRAINING COURSE: August 12, 2017. Select Specialty Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee. Directed by Jamie Fisher, Ph.D. Lectures & Hands-on Training. Course limited to 48 participants. Online Registration is Now Open.

    -ADVANCED FEES TRAINING COURSE: May 1-2, 2017. Co-sponsored by Charlotte Area AHEC Carolinas Health Care, Charlotte, NC. & SASS. Contact

    - NEW!!! VIDEOSTROBOSCOPY TRAINING COURSE: OCTOBER 14-15, 2017. Select Specialty Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee. Course instructors: William Irwin, Ph.D. & John R. Ashford, Ph.D. Lectures & Hands-on Training. Online Registration Opening soon.

    - NEW NASHVILLE COURSES LOCATION FOR 2017: Select Specialty Hospital in Nashville will provide classroom space for all SASS-sponsored courses in 2017. We wish to thank the Select Specialty administration for allowing use of their spaces for training.

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  • " I enjoyed all lectures and hands-on training. I feel I will be able to provide better services to all patients following this course."

    Birmingham, Alabama, November 2016

  • "Fabulous course! I feel as though this course has sharpened my clinical skills, even outside of FEES use. The clinical binder is going in my quick reference bookshelf by my desk tomorrow morning!  Thank you!"

    Anchorage, Alaska, April 2016

  • "Thank you very much for coming to Anchorage. I feel very prepared despite only having been exposed to FEES for 2 ½ days now.  Your teaching styles are very effective and enjoyable.  Ya'll are also very entertaining. Thank you for focusing on the functional aspects of this practice and not just the theoretical."

    Anchorage, Alaska April, 2016

  • "This course was one of the most amazing courses I have ever attended.  The workshop and speakers were well prepared. The information they provided was very helpful.  I learned a lot from the analysis exercises and enjoyed the hands-on scoping."

    Basic+ Course in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, September 2015

  • "Most informative learning experience I have even been a part of! Thank you!" "Excellent material & presentations.  All instructors were approachable and genuinely appeared passionate & knowledgeable. Love Michelle!" "Very informational & easy to follow; wasn't overwhelming. Absolutely cannot thank the SASS team enough!"

    Basic Course Participants March 2016

  • "We, at the Saudi Society of Speech Pathology and Audiology (SSSPA), are so grateful to SA Swallowing Services, PLLC team--John Ashford, Michelle Skelley, and Karen Brown--for visiting us in Saudi Arabia and conducting two FEES workshops in Riyadh and in Jeddah. SLPs who attended the workshops gave positive feedback about the FEES workshop and the knowledge and skills they gained.  They like the hands-on practice and the interpretation of assessment results. We are looking forward to having these three conduct another FEES workshop in Saudi Arabia." Abdulrahman Al-Akeel, Ph.D.-SLP, Vice President of the SSSPA

    Abdulrahman Al-Akeel, Ph.D.-SLP, Vice President of SSSPA

  • "The best gift I have given myself all year."

    Olympia, Washington, November 2016

  • "I cannot say enough positive remarks about this course. It was hands down the most educational, informative, & useful course I have taken. The combination of instructor's skill, knowledge, & teaching abilities was beyond expectations.  I have no negatives or even constructive criticism-everything about it was fabulous. I will recommend this course to all of my colleagues."

    Olympia, Washington, November 2016

  • Great course & instructors! I feel like I can apply what I have learned given all the components gives in the course, i.e. anatomy, infection control, scope use, protocol, and scoring!